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Coverdey is a financial platform driving inclusion for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria.

We offer quick, easy, and simplified access to financial services.

Our focus is providing accessible and inclusive financial solutions that empower both individuals and businesses to thrive, while contributing to the overall economic development of Nigeria.


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Our Services

Our services are the cornerstones of Coverdey's commitment to driving financial inclusion and supporting the success of MSMEs in Nigeria


We offers micro-loans tailored to the unique needs of MSMEs. We provide accessible and affordable financing options to help businesses bridge financial gaps, expand operations, and seize growth opportunities.


Protecting your business from unexpected setbacks is crucial. Coverdey's micro-insurance solutions are designed to safeguard your investments and assets. We offer coverage for various risks, ensuring that your business remains resilient in the face of challenges.

Community Engagement

Coverdey actively engages with local communities, collaborating with stakeholders, and participating in initiatives that promote financial inclusion and economic development. We believe in giving back and supporting the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nigeria.

Financial Literacy and Training

We believe that knowledge is power. Coverdey offers financial literacy workshops and training programs aimed at enhancing your understanding of financial management and business best practices. These resources empower you to make sound financial decisions for your business.

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What our customers are saying.

Coverdey has been a game-changer for my small retail store. Their micro-loan helped me stock up on inventory during a slow season, and their business advisory service provided valuable insights that boosted my sales. I'm grateful for their support in helping my business thrive!

Jane A. Small Retail Business Owner

Micro-insurance from Coverdey has been a lifesaver for my farm. When unexpected weather events damaged my crops, their insurance coverage kicked in quickly, and I received compensation that allowed me to replant and recover my losses. Thank you, Coverdey, for being there when I needed it most!

Femi O. Agripreneur

I can't thank Coverdey enough for their support in the early stages of my business. Their micro-loan provided the capital injection I needed to launch my startup. Their business advisory services also helped me refine my business plan. Today, my business is thriving, and it's all thanks to Coverdey!

Bola S. Startup Entrepreneur

Coverdey's micro-insurance has been a reliable partner for my micro-manufacturing business. They understand the unique risks we face, and their insurance coverage has saved me from significant financial setbacks. I highly recommend their services to fellow entrepreneurs.

Abdul K. Micro-Manufacturer

Coverdey's business advisory services have been instrumental in helping me expand my service-based business. Their expert advisors provided valuable guidance on marketing and operations, which resulted in increased clients and revenue. Coverdey truly cares about the success of small businesses in Nigeria.

Chidi N. Service Provider


Some questions our customers are asking.

What is Coverdey, and what does it do?

Coverdey is a financial services provider dedicated to driving financial inclusion for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria. We offer micro-loans, micro-insurance, business advisory, and more to empower your business.

Who can benefit from Coverdey's services?

Coverdey’s services are designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners across various industries in Nigeria, including startups and established businesses.

How do I apply for a micro-loan from Coverdey?

Applying for a micro-loan is easy with Coverdey. Simply visit our website, fill out the online application form, and follow the provided instructions for submission.

What types of micro-insurance does Coverdey offer?

Coverdey provides micro-insurance solutions tailored to the needs of MSMEs, including coverage for property, assets, and specific industry-related risks.

Can I receive business advisory services from Coverdey even if I don't take a loan?

Absolutely! Coverdey’s business advisory services are available to all entrepreneurs, whether or not you choose to take advantage of our financing options.

What sets Coverdey apart from traditional financial institutions?

Coverdey specializes in serving the unique needs of MSMEs, offering flexible, accessible, and tailored financial solutions that may not be readily available from traditional banks.

Are there any eligibility criteria for accessing Coverdey's services?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific service. However, our goal is to make our services as accessible as possible to a wide range of businesses.

How long does it take to process a micro-loan application?

The processing time for a micro-loan application can vary, but we strive to make the process efficient. You can expect to receive a decision within a reasonable timeframe.

Is my personal and business information secure with Coverdey?

Yes, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your information. Our systems and processes adhere to stringent data protection standards.

How can I get in touch with Coverdey for further assistance?
You can contact Coverdey through our website’s contact form, email us at, or reach out to our customer support hotline at +234 815 636 0789. We’re here to help!

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Coverdey is a financial platform driving inclusion for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria.

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